General Notes:
The Materials Needed lists for these crafts omit certain standard items that we assume you have, such as crayons, scissors, and glue. We also assume you have cleanup supplies, such as paper towels, soap, and access to a couple of sinks.
Make sure that your crafts leader has access to the lessons (or at least the lesson summaries), so that they can be aware of lesson tie-ins.
Your craft leader should go through all the crafts ahead of time and understand fully how they work. Do think ahead.
Many of these crafts call for auxilliary documents (e.g., scenes from the lesson, patterns, and so forth). When we have these online, we will include links to them in the chart below and/or from the page on each individual craft. See SVG Documents for a general explanation.
ThemeDayElementary CraftPreschool CraftTeen Craft
God's Sheep Monday Shadow Box (Moses and the Rock) Sheep Bank (face, ears and tail) Vase Candle
Tuesday Ram in the Thicket (ram pattern) Watercolor (David playing the harp for his sheep) Cloth Painting (ram in a thicket, or Abraham & Isaac)
Wednesday Bookmark (Obedience) Pull-Through Film Strip (Saul and the bleating sheep) Bookmark (Obedience)
Thursday Plate Masks** (Sheep, Bear, or Lion) Plate Masks (Sheep) Soap Molding
Friday Noodle Mosaic* (Follow God) Chalk Drawing (Sheep) Noodle Mosaic** (Follow God)
Soldiers of God Monday Braided Red Cord Bookmark Braided Red Cord Bookmark Braided Red Cord Bookmark
Tuesday Shrinkies Shrinkies Shrinkies
Wednesday Picture Frame Picture Frame Cap Curtains
Thursday Chalk Painting Chalk Painting
Friday Praying Hands pattern/silhouette Praying Hands pattern/silhouette Soap Sculpture (or finish cap curtains)
Fishing for Christ Monday CD Fish** (see here, here, or here) CD Fish (see here, here, or here) Polished Aluminum**
Tuesday Sign of Jonah Paper Bag Whale** Sign of Jonah (teen version)
Wednesday Sponge-Painted Tomb Scene Basket of Fish and Bread (molding dough)* Colored Sand Tomb Scene
Thursday Fishing All Night Boat Scene Peat-Pot Tomb Scene Memory Verse on Heart**
Friday Wordless Bracelet Wordless Bracelet Wordless Bracelet
Following in the Footsteps Monday All ages: Footprint Placemat
Tuesday All ages: Sukkot Shelters
Wednesday Cross Necklace Foam Cross Necklace Cross Necklace
Thursday All ages: Prayer Can
Friday Gift Baskets Gift Cards Gift Baskets
Running the Race Monday Bean Mosaic (scenes needed) Felt Pennant Baked Rocks
Tuesday Suncatchers (scenes needed) Lion Faces Suncatchers
Wednesday Painted Silhouette on cloth (silhouettes needed) Watercolor (Hilkiah finding the scroll - outline picture needed) Painted Silhouette on cloth (silhouettes needed)
Thursday Felt Pennants [Needed] Felt Pennants
Friday Potato Painting (Heaven) Crowns Colored Sand Design in Glass
Back to the Beginning Monday Creation Box [Needed] Wax-Dipped Origami*
Tuesday Cross wall hanging** Paint by Shape** Cross wall hanging
Wednesday Ark Scene Ark Scene Ark Scene
Thursday Window Hanging Window Hanging Window Hanging
Friday Garden Stones** Garden Stones** Garden Stones**

* Needs some work (such as improved instructions, etc).
** Needs substantial work or should ideally be replaced. (In some cases the idea is sound but the implementation lacking. In other cases, the craft does not correlate well with the Bible lesson. In the case of the plate masks, they just don't seem age-appropriate beyond about second grade.)

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