Jesus Wants to Be Your Shepherd

Friday: Jesus Wants to be Your Shepherd
Objective: Jesus wants to be my shepherd.
Prop: Picture of Jesus with a lamb.
Bible Passages: John 10, Romans 3-6, 1st John 1

Introduction: Little Lamb
Boys and girls, (show puppet). This is Little Lamb. He's been coming to Bible School every night with us. He's helping us learn more about sheep. He doesn't talk out loud, but sometimes he whispers to me, and I'll tell you what he says, OK?

Story: Lost Little Lamb
(Little Lamb shows a picture of Jesus holding a lamb and whispers to the teacher). Little Lamb says that once he didn't come when the shepherd called. He wandered off, got lost, and fell down a hill and he couldn't get back up. The hill was too steep. But his shepherd came and got him, just like in our Bible lesson today.

Application: Jesus Wants to Be Your Shepherd
(L L whispers again). Little Lamb says that all of you are like sheep and Jesus wants to be your shepherd. All of us, like sheep, have wandered off. All of us have disobeyed God. Maybe we have disobeyed our parents or maybe we have told a lie. Maybe we have said mean things or hit someone. All these things are disobeying God. The Bible calls it sin. God wants us to be sorry for our sin. Not pretend sorry, but real sorry. He wants us to ask him to forgive our sin. If we ask him, he will forgive us.

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