Cross Necklace

Wednesday: Cross Necklace
Elementary Lesson: Look and Live: the Bronze Snake and the Son of Man
Memory Verse: John 3:14-15
Age Groups:
  • elementary
  • teens
Supplies Needed:
  • wedge-shaped nails, of the type that resemble miniature railroad spikes
  • fine steel wire
  • leather strap or other necklace string material
Note: These instructions have not yet been checked by anyone who has actually done the craft. We'll be doing it here on the 27th>, so these directions may get revised after that.
Each child gets four of the special nails. Have them put pairs of the nails together, with the pointy end of one against the thick end of the other, so that they form a roughly rectangular beam. Wrap a couple of times with the fine wire at the ends to bind them in this position, twisting the wire tight to secure them. Do the same thing with the other pair of nails, so that you have two rectangular beams. On one end of one of the beams, leave a loop of the wire that can be used to hang the cross on the necklace. This end is the top of the cross.
Now position the two beams in a cross shape, take a longer piece of the wire, and wrap diagonally around the center point of the intersection, switching between the two diagonals (left bottom to right top then right bottom to left top) every couple of windings. Wind tightly until the nails are secured firmly to one another in the cross shape. Thread it onto the string through the loop you made earlier, then knot the cord.

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