The plan is to fill in the links in the table below as we get more of the games online...
ThemeDayElementary GamePreschool GameTeen Game
God's Sheep Monday Pass the Sheep Pass the Sheep Pass the Sheep
Tuesday Sheep Gate Tag Sheep Gate Tag Marshmallow Ram
Wednesday Sheep Golf Sheep Golf Sheep Golf
Thursday Sheep Maze Sheep Maze Sheep Maze
Friday Sheep Chin Relay Race Sheep Relay Race Sheep Chin Relay Race
Indoors (in case of rain):
Soldiers of God (2008) Monday Water Balloon Toss Marching Around the Wall Water Balloon Toss
Tuesday Sealed Orders (orders) Water Balloon Toss Sealed Orders (orders)
Wednesday Soldier Dress-Up Relay Soldier Dress-Up Relay Soldier Dress-Up Relay
Thursday CTF Wargame Hiding from the Bad King CTF Wargame
Friday Enlistment Tag Play with Hula Hoops** Enlistment Tag
Indoors (in case of rain):
  • [needed]
Fishing for Christ Monday Oven Mitt Relay Fish Coin Hunt Oven Mitt Relay
Tuesday Team Slide Diving into the Whale Team Slide
Wednesday Wet Sponge Relay Twelve Baskets Full Wet Sponge Relay
Thursday Hula Hoop Net Race Hula Hoop Net Race Hula Hoop Net Race
Friday Fishermen's Relay Fishermen's Relay Fishermen's Relay
Indoors (in case of rain):
Following the Footsteps Monday Wet Sponge Dodgeball Floating Stuff Wet Sponge Dodgeball
Tuesday Soak the Paper Through the Hoop Soak the Paper
Wednesday Crabwalking in the Footsteps Crawling in the Footsteps Crabwalking in the Footsteps
Thursday Pile-Up Pass the Sheep Pile-Up
Friday Footsteps of Service Gather & Sort the Balls Footsteps of Service
Indoors (in case of rain):
Running the Race Monday Baton Relay [Needed] Baton Relay
Tuesday Water Relay
Wednesday Obstacle Course
Thursday Sand Relay
Friday Dress-Up Relay
Indoors (in case of rain):
  • Telephone Game (Race Version)
Back to the Beginning Monday Animal Match-Up Relay Animal Game (Pretending) Animal Match-Up Relay
Tuesday Board Foot Race** Bubbles** Board Foot Race**
Wednesday Two by Two Animal Match-Up Race Two by Two
Thursday Egg-Push Race** Hot Potato** Egg-Push Race
Friday The Church** (similar to blob tag) Needed Frisbee® Basketball**
Indoors (in case of rain):
  • Animal Memory
  • Balloon Stomp
Needs some work (such as improved instructions, etc).
Needs substantial work or should ideally be replaced.

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