Vase Candle

Materials Needed:
  • vases (one per)
  • colored sand in various hues
  • parafin wax
  • wicks (one per)
  • pencils
  • coloring for wax
  • (optional) scent for wax
  • (optional) shells or other items to embed in the sand
Each teen gets a glass flower vase that is sturdy enough to withstand a burning candle inside it. (Do not use delicate vases or ones with narrow necks.) They can layer colored sand in the lower portion, alternating colors to create whatever interesting pattern they like. Optionally, other items (e.g. shells) can be embedded.
The top half will be a candle. (This seals in the sand.) After the sand, have them tie a wick to a pencil, so that the pencil can be laid across the opening, allowing the wick to hang just so the base touches the sand. (This prevents the wick from drooping when the wax is poured.)
Then pour the wax in, with a ladle.
Heating the Wax:
The parafin wax should be broken into chunks well in advance and placed in something easy to clean (e.g., a ceramic crock pot with a removable liner, or a double-boiler). Start heating the wax about two hours before the teen craft time, to make sure it will be melted in time. Shortly before the craft, melt in the desired color and/or scent.

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