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Sheep are all over the place in the Bible, used as examples and illustrations for a variety of things in both testaments. They're also cute and make for easy decorations, so naturally we had to use them for a Bible School theme. The lessons we take from this theme talk about sin, salvation, obedience, security, and the church. In Galion this was our 2007 theme, which we tentatively expect to use for the second time in 2013.
This theme is mostly complete, except for visuals.
Elementary Preschool Teens
Monday Bible Lesson:Going Astray: Moses and the Rock Bible Lesson:Moses and the Rock: Obey God Bible Lesson:Going Astray: Moses and the Rock
Memory Verse:Isaiah 53:6 (Follow the Shepherd) Sheep Lesson:We All Sin* Discussion:3 Questions
Craft:Shadow Box Craft:Sheep Bank Craft:Vase Candle
Game: Pass the Sheep
Snack: Popcorn (object lesson)
Tuesday Bible Lesson:Lamb of God (Isaac and the Ram) Bible Lesson:Praising God (David the Shepherd) Bible Lesson:Isaac and the Lamb (teen version)
Memory Verse:Romans 4:25 (Every Other Word) Sheep Lesson:Thanking the Creator* Discussion:4 Questions
Craft:Ram in the Thicket Craft:Watercolor (David playing the harp for his sheep) Craft:Cloth Painting (ram in the thicket, or Abraham and Isaac)
Game:Sheep Gate Tag Game:Sheep Gate Tag Game:[needed]
Snack: cutout cookies (crosses and sheep)
Wednesday Bible Lesson:Stolen Sheep: Saul and the Spoils regular version or skit version Bible Lesson:Baa, baa, baa! (Saul and the Sheep) Bible Lesson:Stolen Sheep (teen version)
Memory Verse:1st Samuel 15:22 (Divide and Conquer) Sheep Lesson:Obey the Shepherd* Discussion:5 Questions
Craft:Obedience Bookmark Craft:Pull-Through Filmstrip Craft:Obedience Bookmark
Game: Sheep Golf
Snack: Donuts (O shape for Obey)
Thursday Bible Lesson:Sheep Security: The Good Shepherd Bible Lesson:Jesus Loves Children (Let the children come) Bible Lesson:Good Shepherd (teen version)
Memory Verse:1st John 10:28 (Show Your Card) Sheep Lesson:The Shepherd Knows His Sheep* Discussion:3 Questions
Craft:Plate Masks* (sheep, bear, or lion) Craft:Sheep Plate Masks Craft:Soap Molding
Game: Sheep Maze
Snack: Jell-O® Jigglers (shepherd crooks and sheep)
Friday Bible Lesson:Shepherded Sheep: Leading and Following Bible Lesson:God Loves Us: The 99 and the 1* Bible Lesson:Shepherded Sheep (teen version)
Memory Verse:Ephesians 2:10 (Simon) Sheep Lesson:Jesus Wants to Be Your Shepherd* Discussion:3 Questions
Craft:Noodle Mosaic (Follow God) Craft:Chalk Drawing (sheep) Craft:[needed]
Game:Sheep Chin Relay Game:Sheep Relay Game:Sheep Chin Relay
Snack: floats (no correlation)
* - Items marked with an asterisk are incomplete or otherwise need work.
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