Romans 4:25

Tuesday: Isaac and the Lamb
Bible Lesson: Jesus died on the cross to pay the penalty for our sins, so that we don't have to.
Memory Verse: Romans 4:25 He was delivered over to death for our sins and was raised to life for our justification.
Introduction: Romans
Who knows where the book of Romans is found? (In the Bible, in the New Testament.) Who knows what language Romans was written in? English? (No.) It was written in Greek, but our Bibles have it translated into English so we can read it.
Explanation: Romans 4:25
[Hold up the posterboard of the verse.]
He was delivered... What does it mean to be delivered? Have you ever had anything delivered? A pizza, maybe? What does it mean when a pizza is delivered? (Somebody brings it and hands it over.) Did you know Jesus was delivered? [Point to the posterboard again.] He was delivered over to death. What does that mean? Is death a person, someone that you could bring a pizza to? (No, only in cartoons.) A pizza isn't delivered to death, but a pizza might be delivered to be eaten! What does it mean that Jesus was delivered to death? It means he was killed. They put him up on a cross and killed him. Why? For our sins. Why would he have to die for our sins? (So we could be forgiven.)
He was delivered over to death for our sins, but... [point to posterboard again] he was raised to life for our justification. What does it mean to be raised to life? (He wasn't dead anymore.) Does that usually happen? Do people usually get back up and live again, after they're dead? The Bible says Jesus did, and here it tells us why: he was raised to life for our justification.
What's justification? That's a pretty big word. Let's start by looking at the first four letters: just. What does it mean to be just? (To be right, righteous.) God is just. Jesus was just, because he is God, and because he never sinned. Are we just? Totally just, all the time? (No.) Justification is when you get made just. You weren't just, but you can be. God can make you just - he can justify you, make you righteous.
How does that work? How can God make you just, when you've sinned? (The sin has to be paid for and taken away.) Jesus was delivered over to death for our justification - he died to pay for our sins, so that we could be justified, so that we could be just before God.
Game: Every Other Word
Display the posterboard of the verse. Read through the verse together. Explain to the children that you will take turns reading with them: you will say one word, and they will say the next, all the way through the verse. Do this several times, switching who goes first. Select a child to come and take your place, taking turns with the other children. Rotate through several children this way. If you have two children up front at once, each will read every third word. Now, take away the posterboard and continue until everyone knows the verse pretty well.
Announcement: Saying the Verse
Tomorrow, when you come to Bible School, if you can say your memory verse without looking, you can earn 200 points for your team's score. Each person who can say the verse can earn 200 points. So, if you want to help your team win more points, go home and practice your verse a few times. Don't forget the reference! On your way out the door tonight, you will be given a slip of paper with your verse on it. Don't lose it, because if you learn your verse, your team gets 200 more points!
You can say your verse for points tomorrow when you check in at the registration table.

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