SVG Documents

A number of the materials, such as craft patterns, decorations, and so on, are in SVG format. We've created them using Inkscape, which can also be used to view or print them. (Inkscape is freely available, so you can download and install it at no cost. I can also convert the documents to other formats (such as eps or PDF) upon request.)

At the time of this writing, I haven't got them all online yet. For a long time we didn't really have a place to put them (online). Update (spring of 2011): Now that we finally do have a place to host them, I still have to get around to putting most of them up. So for now they are available upon request.

I will eventually try to get them all online, at which point I will link to them here, as well as to each of them from the appropriate place (e.g., craft patterns from the instruction pages for each respective craft). But for now, people who need them will need to contact us and request them. If you need a format other than SVG, please specify in your message what format you want (e.g., PDF). To be sure I see your message promptly, include the words Bible School in the Subject.

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Angela Clement said...

Thank you for all you share on your website. This is really helpful for my church. we have very limited resources and a very tide budget. So your are helping church like us. Again thank you and may God continue to bless you and guide you for new ideas.