Felt Pennant (Elementary and Teen Version)

Thursday: Felt Pennant
Bible Lesson (elementary and teen): The Rich Young Man: throw off things that entangle.
Memory Verse (elementary and teen): Matthew 19:29
Bible Lesson (preschool): The Paralytic Man
Age Groups:
  • elementary
  • teens
Supplies Needed:
  • felt
Depending on age group and time considerations, you may want to pre-cut the felt into pennant shapes. Leave scraps for them to cut out the shapes for on the pennant.
Make pennants out of felt, by cutting out shapes and gluing them on. Each child or teen gets an oblong isosceles triangle of the stuff (solid color), plus little bits to cut out letters and shapes and stuff, to glue on. The pennant should display a Christian battle cry (such as “Jesus”, “Victory”) or symbol (e.g., a cross or ΙΧΘΥΣ) or a runner or something from the Bible lesson. Once it is decorated, attach it to a length of dowel rod, and they can take it home afterward and hang it on a wall.

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