Sheep Bank

Materials Needed:
  • empty nut cans (one per child)
  • sheep faces (photocopy, one face per child)
  • construction paper ear parts and tails (see pattern)
  • cotton balls (white)
Each child gets a nut can with a coin-slot pre-cut in the lid. Line the outside of each can with white paper. (This can just be glued on.)
Each child also gets a sheep face (photocopied) and construction paper ear parts and tail. Then they cut them out, fold the flaps, and glue them to the can, with the tail opposite the face, and the ears on the sides, pointed downward. The "inner" ear parts should be made from pink construction paper, and the larger main parts of the ears from another color, probably white. The two tail pieces should be glued together with the tabs folded opposite directions before gluing onto the can.
Then allow the children to stretch out cotton balls and glue them onto the tail and the body of the sheep for texture. Show them how they can save money in the sheep bank.

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