Fishing All Night Boat Scene

Thursday: Fishing All Night Boat Scene
Bible Lesson: Following God
Memory Verse: 2nd John 1:6
Age Groups:
  • elementary
Supplies Needed:
  • peat pots
  • paper disciples
  • netting from the bags that onions, potatoes, oranges, etc. are sold in.
  • fish (stickers or other small fish objects)
Cut peat pots in half vertically; each child uses two halves for the hull of their fishing boat. Glue the two halves together end-to-end by the lip, so that the bottom of the pot is at each end of the resulting boat hull. Let them color paper outline pictures of disciples (e.g., from a coloring book) and mount them inside the boat. (A piece of cardboard can be glued on the back of each paper disciple to help him stand up.) Hang some of the netting out the side of the boat, representing the fishing net. Fish stickers (or some other small objects representing fish) can be placed either in the net (creating the scene in the morning after Jesus tells them where to put the nets) or else on the other side of the boat (creating a scene from earlier in the night, when they had caught nothing), but not both.

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