We All Sin

Monday: We All Sin
Objective: We should obey God. When we disobey, that is called sin.
Prop: Picture of a shepherd.
Bible Passages: Romans 3, Isaiah 53
Introduction: Little Lamb
Boys and girls, (show puppet). This is Little Lamb. He's going to come to Bible School every night with us. He's going to help us learn more about sheep. He doesn't talk out loud, but he might whisper to me sometimes, and I'll tell you what he says, OK?

Concept: Shepherd
(Speak to lamb), Little Lamb, I see you've brought a picture to show us tonight. Who is this man? (Little Lamb whispers in teacher's ear). Oh, it's your shepherd. A shepherd is someone who takes care of sheep, right? (L.L. nods yes). Do you have to obey your shepherd? (nods yes). So, when he call you, you come. (nods yes). What would happen if you didn't come when he called? (Whispers in ear). Oh, my. Little Lamb says he could get lost or hurt. That wouldn't be good. So, Little Lamb, you try to remember to obey? (nods yes).

Story: Moses and the Rock
(Address children). Did Moses in our Bible lesson remember to obey God? (No) What was he supposed to do? (Speak to the rock). But what DID he do? (Yes, he hit the rock with a stick.) He didn't obey, did he.

The Point: Obedience
Do we always obey God? No, sometimes we don't. One thing that God wants us to do is to obey our parents. We don't always do that. Disobeying our parents is disobeying God. The Bible calls that sin when we disobey God. We have all sinned. We've all disobeyed God sometimes. When we sin, we need to ask God to forgive us.

(Pray with the children. Ask God to help them to remember to obey him by obeying their parents. Ask God to help them to remember to ask him for forgiveness when they sin.)

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