Cross Wall Hanging

Tuesday: Cross Wall Hanging
Bible Lesson: Humans are sinful and require salvation. (Genesis 3)
Memory Verse: Romans 3:22
Age Groups:
  • teens
  • elementary
Supplies Needed:
  • wooden bases (perhaps 6"x8" or so)
  • nails
  • metallic thread or fine wire

Get a volunteer to cut the wood into appropriately sized pieces
and sand and varnish it ahead of time to make the bases. You will want to
go ahead and make one copy of the craft for reference and to familiarize
yourself with the winding pattern.

For younger children, you may want to pound the nails into the bases ahead of time. Teens should be able to do their own nails.
Hand out a plank of wood, a pattern, pencil, and nails
to each teen. Have rulers available (or use a hole puncher to make
holes in the pattern at the nail spots, so they can draw through
it). Have them put a pencil marking where each nail goes according
to the pattern. Show them how to pound the nails into the wood,
leaving each nail sticking out the same amount in a cross pattern.
(Some teens may need assistance getting the nails started.) When
they have this completed show them how to wind the metallic thread
or fine wire around the nails in a pattern. Make sure they put
their name on the back of the plank. If sufficient time and thread
or wire are available, you can let them do a second or even a third

Lesson Tie-In:
The cross represents the penalty for sin and the means of salvation.

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