Chalk Painting with Buttermilk

Thursday: Chalk Painting
Elementary Lesson: Jeremiah and the Cistern: We should endure the world's contempt when living our faith and when sharing our faith.
Memory Verse: Romans 1:16
Preschool Lesson: The Blind Army: God is very powerful, that there is none like him
Age Groups:
  • elementary
  • preschool
Supplies Needed:
  • chalk
  • buttermilk
  • watercolor paper
  • pattern (shield, with the first part of the memory verse in bubble letters)
  • construction paper
  • frame pattern (same shape as the shield, but larger)
Photocopy the pattern onto the watercolor paper ahead of time.
Let the children color in the shield and the lettering with the chalk, dipping the chalk in the buttermilk to create a paint-like effect. Then have them cut out the shield shape, and trace the larger shield shape onto construction paper and cut that out too. Finally they glue the colored shield onto the construction paper, which becomes both backing and frame.

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