Sheep Soccer

Equipment Needed:
  • cotton balls (many)
  • drinking straws (one per)
  • two identical goals
Cotton balls (sheep) are strewn through the playing area (e.g., a table or floor). Each participant gets a drinking straw through which to exhale in the general direction of said cotton ball sheep, gathering them into that team's sheep fold (i.e., goal area).
Divide the participants into two approximately even teams. Hand out one straw to each player as you explain the rules, then stage a short countdown and let everyone start at once, blowing to herd the sheep into their team's fold. Inevitably some cotton balls will leave the playing area, and a leader may collect them and restore them to play as time allows, but if a few don't make it back in, don't worry about it. When there are no or very few sheep left in the playing area, call a halt to the action and count up the score, i.e., the number of sheep in each fold. The team with the most sheep in its fold wins the round. If time allows, you can rescatter the sheep and repeat the game.

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