Obey the Shepherd

Wednesday: Obey the Shepherd
Objective: God protects us too, but we need to obey him. One way to obey is to tell the truth.
Props: Sling shot, shepherd's crook/staff, picture of sheepfold
Bible Passages: Psalm 23, 1st Samuel 17, John 10

Introduction: Little Lamb
Boys and girls, (show puppet). This is Little Lamb. He's been coming to Bible School every night with us. He's helping us learn more about sheep. He doesn't talk out loud, but sometimes he whispers to me, and I'll tell you what he says, OK?

Story: The Shepherd's Protection
Little Lamb, I see you brought something new to show us tonight. What is this? (He whispers to the teacher.) He says a shepherds crook and a slingshot. Let's see, (Pointing), this must be the shepherd's crook and this the slingshot, right? (L L nods). What does the shepherd use the crook for? ( L L whispers) He says the shepherd uses the crook to remind the sheep to stay on the right path. Or if they fall down into a ditch, he can reach down and pull them back up to safety. (If you use a real "crook" like a cane or something, the teacher can use the crook to demonstrate while she talks.) What about the slingshot? (L L whispers again). He says the shepherd uses that to chase away wild animals like lions or bears that might want to hurt the sheep. That's good.
(Show a picture of a sheepfold). Little Lamb, I've heard that this is called a sheepfold. Do you have one of these where you live? What is it for? (L L whispers). Oh, so at night the shepherd calls and all you sheep come and get inside this stone wall? (nods yes). What if you don't come when you are called? (whispers) Oh, my. Little Lamb says if you don't come, you might get left out or get hurt. Maybe a lion or bear would hurt you. Sounds scary.

Obey the Shepherd
So, the shepherd takes good care of you, but you have to obey him, right? (nods yes). God takes care of boys and girls, but they need to obey God. Monday we talked about obeying God by obeying our parents. In our Bible lesson today, we also learned that God wants us to always tell the truth, and not tell lies.

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