Sukkot Shelters

Tuesday: Sukkot Shelters
Elementary Lesson: Do What It Says (Ezra reading from the book of the law): We should study God's word and obey it.
Memory Verse: James 1:22
Preschool Lesson: TBA
Age Groups:
  • elementary
  • preschool
  • teens
Supplies Needed:
  • empty check boxes (one box or lid per child, they don't need both)
  • twigs
  • squares of corrugated cardboard
Each child gets one cardboard base (which represents the ground), and one check box or lid. (If you have enough of the boxes that you don't have to use the colored lids, that might be even better)
On the long side of the box (or lid), find the midpoint, and make a short there from the opening to the edge of the closed back. (The closed back is the top of the lid or bottom of the box). Do the same on the other long edge. Now fold the box (or lid) along the middle, to approximately a ninety-degree angle. Crease the fold, then glue the flaps together and hold or pinch them, so that that the box stays in this folded shape until the glue dries.
Now glue the box to the cardboard, open side down, with the peaked roof (crease) up, resembling a tent. Spread additional glue on the box surface and place twigs thereupon, so that it looks like the whole thing is made out of sticks. (Remind them that the Israelites did not have boxes to glue their sticks to: they had to build the entire shelter out of the sticks, big enough to live in for a week.)

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