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Of course you can always leave comments here on the blog, but if anyone wants to contact us privately, here is some contact info.

Nathan Eady
307 Gill Avenue
Galion, OH 44833
Here is an email address you can also use to connect with us (click to enlarge): [click here] That one doesn't get nearly as much bulk, so hopefully things sent there won't get lost.
1055 Galion-New Winchester Road
Galion, OH 44833


Anonymous said...

I was really looking forward to using your lesson plan for our small church's Bible School....But you haven't posted any of the material needed in months. It was a good idea though.

Jonadab said...

I do apologize for the delays, and acknowledge that 2009 has been particularly bad in this regard, but this is after all a multi-year project. If you need something in a hurry, I recommend one of the themes that is more or less completely online already (God's Sheep or Soldiers of God). I hope to have the Fishing For Christ theme basically finished by the end of July (2009).

Anonymous said...

I've been searching a vbs materials for our local church, and it happened that i came to see your website, and as i browsed the content i saw that this could be useful to us, i read your terms and condition on how to use it, and i respect it, thank you also for posting this kind of material to your website, this will surely beneficial for other churches who are lacking to produce such vbs curriculum, may the Lord continue to bless your lives and every ministry that He entrusted to your hands, may you also be a continuous aid to churches like us who are struggling so much to have materials like this, you can count on us that we will use your materials not for personal gain but for the expansion of God's Kingdom, may you forever be blessed by the Lord and count your goodness for eternity...

in Him,