Cap Curtains

Wednesday & Thursday: Cap Curtains
Bible Lesson: Jeremiah and the Cistern: We should endure the world's contempt when living their faith and when sharing their faith.
Memory Verse: Romans 1:16
Age Groups:
  • teens
Supplies Needed:
  • fishing line
  • a large collection of small disposable objects (ranging in size from buttons up to about tennis-ball size): buckeyes, film canisters, plastic caps (from milk jugs, pop bottles, etc), pharmacy bottles, ... anything you can collect that people normally throw away
  • dowel rods (one per teen), or lampshades, or something else to hang the strands from
Drill small holes as necessary to allow the objects to be strung on the fishing line. Some objects (e.g., milk jug caps) may be best with two holes, so they can be oriented with their long dimension vertical.
Each teen gets several lengths of fishing line, but you may want to hand them out one at a time to reduce tangling. Have them select from the available stuff and string it onto the lines, in a pattern if possible, to create hanging-strand decorative curtains. These can be hung in a closet doorway, over a window, over a lampshade, ...

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