Jesus Loves Children

Thursday: Jesus Loves Children
Story: Let the children come.
Objective: Jesus (God) loves me.
Main Passage: Matthew 19:13-15
Other Passages: Mark 10:13-16, Luke 18:15-17
Long ago a man named Jesus lived. But he was not like any other man. Jesus is God, but he came from heaven and lived on the earth like a man for awhile. The Bible tells us lots of things he did while he was here. He taught people about God. He made sick people well, he made blind people able to see again. He even made some dead people come alive again.
One day while Jesus was teaching, people began bringing little children to him. Jesus' helpers (disciples) got upset and tried to sent them away. They thought Jesus was too busy for children. But Jesus said, No, let the children come to me. He put his hands on them, picked some of them up. Jesus said that children are very important. He loved them. And Jesus loves you too, very much. He loves you so much that he died on the cross so you can have your sins forgiven., There is no love bigger than that. Always remember, Jesus loves you VERY much.

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