Polished Aluminum Scene

Monday: Polished Aluminum Scene
Bible Lesson: The Fish and the Coin: Jesus is God
Memory Verse: Matthew 16:16
Age Groups:
  • teens
Note: We've not actually tested this one for practicality yet, so caveat lector.
Supplies Needed:
  • cardboard
  • string, yarn, or fishing line
  • tape (transparent or masking tape will work)
  • aluminum foil
  • shoe polish
Draw or trace a line drawing of a scene from the lesson onto the cardboard. Tape down string or yarn along the lines.
Place a piece of aluminum foil overtop and rub it so that it gets creases corresponding to the lines.
Remove the foil and brush it with shoe polish. The polish will accumulate around the creases, creating dark lines on the otherwise smooth foil.

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