Obey God

Monday: Obey God
Story: Moses and the Rock
Objective: We should obey God and obey our parents
Main Passage: Numbers 20:1-13
Other Passages: Ephesians 6:1-4
Moses was leading God's people on a long trip to a new place to live. They had to walk many days. They had to walk and walk through the desert where it is very dry. The people began to whine and fuss at Moses. Why did you bring us out here? they asked. They forgot that God had already helped them a lot. God had helped them escape from the army of Egypt. He had helped them get across the Red Sea. God had given them manna to eat every day. But now they were thirsty and they complained.
So Moses talked to God. God told Moses to speak to a rock with all the people watching. God said he would make water come out of the rock. Lots of water. Enough for all the people and their animals to drink. So Moses had all the people come. But Moses did not do what God said. Instead of speaking to the rock, he hit it two times with a stick. God made water come out of the rock so everyone had enough. But God was sad that Moses did not obey him.
Sometimes we don't obey our moms and dads. We don't come right away when they call, or we only pick up part of our toys instead of all of them. We don't want to make God sad, do we? No, so we need to always remember to completely obey our parents. When we obey our parents, we obey God and make him happy.

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