Potato Painting

Friday: Potato Painting
Bible Lesson: The Finish Line: Heaven (John on Patmos)
Memory Verse: 2nd Timothy 4:7-8
Age Groups:
  • elementary
Supplies Needed:
  • raw potatoes, cut in pieces
  • paint, paper, damp paper towels
Each child gets a hunk of paper. Put several pieces of potato with each color of paint – each piece should stay in the same color. Children dip the potato pieces in the paint and stamp it onto the paper, picking it up and down like a stamp, to create a scene depicting heaven.
You should provide them with a list of things the Bible says about heaven. For example:
  • pure gold as pure as glass
  • streets of gold
  • river flowing from the throne through the middle of the city
  • tree of life on the banks of the river
  • many homes (John 14)
  • great, high wall
  • twelve gates, three on each side, always open
  • each gate is a giant pearl
  • the city is a square, as long as it is wide
  • the foundations are decorated with gemstones (rubies, emeralds, and so on)
  • no night, the glory of God gives it light

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