Gift Cards

Friday: Gift Cards
Preschool Lesson: Elisha and the Shunnemite: we should serve others.
Age Groups:
  • preschool
Supplies Needed:
  • heavy paper or cardstock
The children will make hand-made personal greeting cards for people in the church (sick people, the pastor, the elderly, widows, whoever). This is a service to the church, which correlates with the Bible lesson. The greeting cards can be sent along with the gift baskets that the older children will be assembling.
You will need to determine ahead of time who you are making cards for. Pre-print an outline drawing of something nice on the portion of the paper that will be the front cover of each card, and have an adult write a short personalized message on the part of the page that will form the inside of each card.
Explain to the children what they are doing, and why, then help them color the picture on the cards, fold the cards, and sign all their names inside all the cards.

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