Sheep Under the Chin Relay

Equipment Needed:
  • two identical stuffed sheep, about the size of an apple, or a little larger
Line up the participants in two teams, each team in straight line. Start a sheep at the beginning of each line, tucking it under the first person's chin. All players must keep their hands folded behind their backs at all times. (For a preschool group you can skip the no-hands requirement.) The player with the sheep (on each team) must run down to the line/marker/whatever and back, then (keeping hands behind back as always) pass the sheep to the next person, who must then hold it under their chin while they run, and so on. If the sheep is dropped or the hands come out from behind the back at any time, the player must stop running, collect the sheep, return to the starting line, put the sheep back under their chin, put their hands back behind their back, and start running over again.
For a teen group, if the sheep is dropped, make them pick it up with their chin, keeping their hands behind their back. If they drop the sheep while passing it, make the person who just ran pick it up with their chin and start over with passing it to the next person.

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