Tangled Wool

Equipment Needed:
  • one ball of white yarn for each small circle of participants
Have several people (up to about a dozen) stand in a circle. (Make as many circles as you need for all your participants.) Take a ball of white yarn (wool) for each circle and tie the starting end to a stationary object.
Hand the ball of wool to one of the sheep in the circle. Each person (sheep) who gets the ball passes it behind his back or around an arm or leg or something (avoid the neck) then tosses the ball to another person (sheep) somewhere across the circle.
When the ball runs out, everyone must untangle himself, then the group must attempt to untangle the knotted wool and reroll the ball. (They will not get all the knots out before time expires, but let them have fun trying for a while. If excessive frustration ensues, an adult can make a couple of strategic cuts with scissors (sheep shears) to free things up a bit. Do not give scissors to the sheep/children.)

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