Marshmallow Ram

Tuesday: Marshmallow Ram
Bible Lesson: Isaac and the Lamb
Memory Verse: Romans 4:25
Age Groups:
  • teens
Equipment and Materials Needed:
  • buckets (one per team)
  • white marshmallows (lots of these, including some of the miniature ones)
Divide the participants into groups of 3-6 teens each. Each group selects one of their members to be their "Ram". Each Ram must stand at one end of the playing area (which you can call the "thicket"), and at the other end of the playing area is a bucket of marshmallows. Each team must decorate their Ram, by repeatedly running down to the bucket to fetch marshmallows and returning to stick them onto the Ram. (If after a couple of minutes they haven't figured it out on their own, you can drop them a hint: marshmallows stick to skin better if they are slightly wet, e.g., because someone has licked them.) At the end of the designated time (or when the marshmallows run out), a panel of judges must decide which Ram is the best decorated.