Soldiers of God (Updated: 2014)

Soldiers and warfare occur repeatedly in both testaments. We thought about doing an entire week on just the armor of God, but we decided it might be better to generalise the theme. We ended up with lessons covering salvation by faith, obedience to Christ, resisting temptation, enduring the world's contempt, and prayer.
In Galion this was our theme in 2008 and again in 2014.
This theme is mostly complete and online!
Elementary Preschool Teens
Monday Bible Lesson:Red Cord of Salvation Bible Lesson:Joshua and the Walls Bible Lesson:Red Cord of Salvation (teen version)
Memory Verse:Ephesians 2:8-9 (Covered Words) Shape Lesson:Ball Discussion:5 Questions
Craft: Braided Red Cord Bookmark
Game:Water Balloon Toss Game:Marching Around the Wall Game:Water Balloon Toss
Snack: Twizzlers: The Red Rope (updated 2014)
Tuesday Bible Lesson:Obey Your Commander Bible Lesson:Centurion's Servant (Jesus is God) Bible Lesson:Our Commanding Officer (teen version)
Memory Verse:1st John 5:3-4 (Popcorn) Shape Lesson:Book Discussion:7 Questions
Craft: Shrinkies*
Game:Sealed Orders Game:Water Balloon Toss (preschool version) Game:Sealed Orders
Snack: Grilled Cheese Sandwiches & Centurions (new in 2014)
Wednesday Bible Lesson:Armor of God Bible Lesson:David and Goliath (Trust in God) Bible Lesson:Armor of God (teen version)
Memory Verse:Ephesians 6:11 (Scrambled Verse) Shape Lesson:Heart Discussion:5 Questions
Craft:Picture Frame Craft:Picture Frame Craft:Start Cap Curtains
Game: Soldier Dress-Up Relay
Snack: Shield Cookies (updated 2014)
Thursday Bible Lesson:Good Soldier (Jeremiah and the Cistern): regular version or interactive version Bible Lesson:The Blind Army Bible Lesson:Good Soldier (teen version)
Memory Verse:Romans 1:16 (Clapping) Shape Lesson:Cross Discussion:6 Questions
Craft:Chalk Painting Craft:Chalk Painting Craft:Continue Cap Curtains
Game:CTF Wargame Game:Hiding from the Bad King Game:CTF Wargame
Snack: Mud Pudding (new in 2014)
Friday Bible Lesson:Prayer Warrior Bible Lesson:Peter in Prison (prayer) Bible Lesson:Prayer Warrior (teen version)*
Memory Verse:1st Thessalonians 5:16-18 (Voice Contest) Shape Lesson:Crown Discussion:7 Questions
Craft:Praying Hands Craft:Praying Hands Craft:Soap Sculpture (or finish Cap Curtains)
Game:Enlistment Tag Game:Play with Hula Hoops* Game:Enlistment Tag
Snack: Prison-Bar Cupcakes (updated, 2014)
* - Items marked with an asterisk are incomplete or otherwise need work.
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