Tuesday: Suncatchers
Bible Lesson: Daniel and the Satraps: God Expects Faithfulness
Memory Verse: 1st Thessalonians 2:13
Age Groups:
  • elementary
  • teens
Supplies Needed:
  • overhead transparencies OR transparent report covers
  • photocopied scenes (from the lesson, or runners)
  • permanent markers, various colors
  • yarn or decorative string
  • posterboard (for frames)
  • transparent tape
Cut out posterboard frames ahead of time. Each frame consists of a matching pair (front and back) of posterboard rectangles, larger than the transparent sheets by a couple of inches in each dimension, with a hole in the middle just smaller than the transparent sheets. Pair them up and punch the holes for the yarn through both the front and the back together.
Each child or teen gets a transparency sheet and chooses a photocopied scene, such as a runner, Daniel praying, or cetera. Have them each tape their transparency to the photocopied scene paper (to hold them still) and color the scene onto the transparency with the permanent markers. They should use a black marker last to trace the outlines, then remove the paper and tape, and use the yarn to weave through the pre-punched holes to attach the frame to the front and back of the suncatcher in a decorative fashion. A length of yarn can be left at the top for hanging in a window. The front and back parts of the posterboard frames may be glued together where they hang out beyond the transparency.

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