Pass the Sheep

Equipment Needed:
  • Several stuffed sheep. They can each be different.
Everyone sits in a circle and passes the sheep around the circle, all in the same direction. Start with 2 sheep (1 for preschool) for the first round. Each time a sheep comes to a player, the player must pass the sheep on to the next person before the next sheep arrives.
If the next sheep arrives, so that the player is caught with two sheep at once, that player is out and must step out of the circle and watch. When someone gets out, move the sheep so they are spread out around the circle before passing resumes. (For teens, don't stop: the person who gets out takes one sheep out with them, but the other players must continue passing the remaining sheep as they were. The leader should add the removed sheep back into the circle at a different place.)
When there are the same number of people left as sheep, the round ends, everyone comes back into the circle, and an additional sheep is added. (For preschool, start each round with just one sheep again, and add a second sheep once the first one has gone around the circle a couple of times. Depending on the number of children, you may or may not be able to add any more than that.)

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