Thanking the Creator

Tuesday: Thanking the Creator
Objective: We should thank God for making everything.
Prop: Colored picture of a shepherd with sheep, water, grass.
Bible Passages: Psalm 23, Genesis 1, Psalm 139:13-16

Introduction: Little Lamb
Boys and girls, (show puppet). This is Little Lamb. He's going to come to Bible School every night with us. He's going to help us learn more about sheep. He doesn't talk out loud, but he might whisper to me sometimes, and I'll tell you what he says, OK?
Little Lamb, I see you brought something with you. What is this? Is this a picture you colored? (Little Lamb nods.) Good job, Little Lamb! You've colored this very nicely. A shepherd helps his sheep find grass to eat and water to drink, doesn't he. So, if you and your friends eat up all the grass in one place, does your shepherd lead you to another place where there is more? (Nods yes).

Story: Creation
Did you know, Little Lamb, that God made the world and everything in it? (Nods yes). Oh, I suppose your shepherd sings songs about God just like David did. (Nods yes vigorously.) Well, that's great Little Lamb. I'm glad you know that God made the world and everything in it. That means he made the water and grass for you, Little Lamb.
God also made other plants like apple trees and berry bushes and vegetable plants so that boys and girls can have lots of good things to eat too.

Application: Thanksgiving
We should thank God for our food and things to drink. Let's pray right now. (Perhaps some of the kids would like to thank God for something.)

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