Inflatable Origami Creation Box

Monday: Inflatable Origami Creation Box
Elementary Lesson: God created the world and deserves our worship.
Memory Verse: The God who made the world and everything in it is the Lord of heaven and earth and does not live in temples built by hands. Acts 17:24
Age Groups:
  • elementary
Supplies Needed:

  • crayons (or something to color with)
  • photocopies of the pattern (see image)
Familiarize yourself and as many of your helpers as possible with the folding instructions ahead of time, until you are comfortable demonstrating how to fold the box without looking at the instructions.
Hand out the photocopied page. Have the children color by number. Once they've colored it, have them cut out the square and fold it according to the folding directions (below). Once each child has folded his box, he can hold it by opposite corners and blow into the small hole in the top, and the box will inflate.
Folding Directions:
  1. Color the pictures on your creation box paper, with the colors according to the numbers in each shape. There is a list at the top of the page that tells what color to use for each number. After coloring, cut off the top and edges, along the lines, so that you have one big square.
  2. Fold the square along one major diagonal, with the markings on the outside. Crease, then unfold.
  3. Fold along the other diagonal with the markings on the outside. Crease, then unfold.
  4. Bringing the top down to meet the bottom, fold the square in half horizontally, with the markings on the inside. Crease, then unfold.
  5. Using all the creases you have made, fold into a triangle shape, as shown. The left and right halves of the triangle should each have two flaps, formed by the top and bottom corners of the square.
  6. Fold the front flaps up, so that their tips meet at the top of the triangle, as shown.
  7. Flip the triangle over, and fold up the flaps on the other side in the same way, forming a diamond shape, as shown.
  8. Fold the left and right corners of the diamond shape inward to meet at the middle, as shown.
  9. Fold down the top corners to meet in the middle as well.
  10. Fold down the top flaps again, tucking them into the pockets in the tops of the side flaps.
  11. Flip over and repeat the same steps on the back side.
  12. Hold the box by the edges of two flaps and blow into the bottom end (i.e., the end with the small hole in it). The box should inflate into a six-sided paper cube, with one day of creation pictured on each side. See if you can match up the six sides of your cube to the six days told in Genesis 1.
Lesson Tie-In:
The pictures on the six sides of the box represent the six days of creation.

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