Abraham and the Stars Window Hanging

Thursday: Abraham & the Stars Window Hanging
Bible Lesson: We should have faith like Abraham. God's promise to Abraham is a blessing to us even today.
Memory Verse: Hebrews 11:6
Age Groups:
  • elementary
  • preschool
  • teens
Supplies Needed:
  • black paper
  • star constellation pictures
  • pushpins (elementary and teens)
  • junk cardboard (elementary and teens)
  • coloring-book picture of Abraham with one arm raised, looking at the stars.
  • posterboard or colored construction paper (for frames)
  • star stickers (preschool only)
  • string or yarn
Find a suitable coloring-book picture of Abraham and photocopy it, as well as some
star constellations.
Create a pattern for the frame.
For preschool, you should pre-cut the frames
and may want to pre-assemble some parts of the craft as well.


For elementary and teens, give each person one of the
constellation pictures (you can have different ones and let them
pick) with a sheet of black construction paper attached to the back
with tape around the edges. They also each need a push pin and a
piece of junk cardboard. Have them push the push pin through each
dot on the picture (using the cardboard as a backing so the pin
doesn't go into anything it shouldn't, such as fingers or the
table). When every hole has been punched, remove the constellation
picture from the front, leaving the black paper with its star
pattern of small holes.

For preschool, have them stick star stickers directly
on the black paper. You can show them the constellation pictures
for reference if you want.

Have them trace the frame pattern onto the colored
construction paper or poster board and cut out their frame.

The star pattern goes behind the frame (or between
front and back halves of the frame if you have time to let them cut
two) and attaches with either glue or tape. The Abraham image
should be cut out (so it's just Abraham) and placed on the front
of the craft, so that the black paper sky with the star holes
is in the background. If you have time, they can color Abraham
before gluing him in place.

Attach a piece of string or yarn to serve as a
hanger. The craft can be hung in a window so that the light
shines through the pinpoint holes, making the stars shine.

Lesson Tie-In:
God promised Abraham that his descendants would be too
numerous to count, like the stars.

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