Sign of Jonah Craft (teen)

Tuesday: Sign of Jonah
Bible Lesson: The Sign of Jonah
Memory Verse: Romans 6:23
Age Groups:
  • teens
Supplies Needed:
  • squares of yellow posterboard
  • sticks (paint stirsticks or dowels)
  • fishing line
  • poster paints (for the whale)
  • construction-paper
    • blue daytime sky
    • black night sky
    • yellow suns (3 per)
    • white moons (3 per)
Each teen gets a square of yellow posterboard, which will be angled at 45 degrees to resemble a roadsign. On one side, have them draw and paint a whale silhouette. On the flip side, the diamond should be divided vertically down the middle: to the left side blue black construction paper, and to the right side light blue. On the black half, glue three construction-paper moons, and on the blue side three construction-paper suns.
Using fishing line, have them hang the sign from the middle of a stick (paint stirstick, dowel, etc). When hanging the sign should rotate freely to show both sides.

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