ThemeDayKey Snack ItemNotesAdditional Items
God's Sheep Snacks (Updated, 2013 July) Monday PopcornObject lesson goes with Bible lesson.sandwiches, chocolate-chip cookies
Tuesday Cross/Sheep Cutout CookiesShapes go with Bible lesson.tacos, chips
Wednesday DonutsShape is a reminder for the Bible dogs, fruit
Thursday Jell-O® JigglersShapes go with Bible, cupcakes
Friday SaladSalad reminds us of the kinds of things sheep need to eat.macaroni and cheese, ice-cream floats
Soldiers of God Snacks (updated 2014) Monday Twizzlers Twizzlers look like the red rope Rahab used to let the spies out.Popcorn & Mini-Burgers
Tuesday Grilled Cheese Sandwiches Grilled cheese sandwiches have bread both over the cheese and under it, like the centurion who had men over him and under him.Jell-O and Carrot Sticks
Wednesday Shield Cookies The cookies are shaped like shields, which are a piece of armor.Pizza & Fruit
Thursday Mud Pudding Mud pudding resembles the mud that was in the bottom of the cistern
into which Jeremiah was thrown.
Hot Dogs & Nachos
Friday Prison-bar cupcakes The stripes on top of the cupcakes resemble bars, like on a prison; Peter was in prison, but God sent an angel to let him out.Sloppy Joe & Chips
Fishing for Christ Snacks (updated 2015) Monday Chocolate CoinsJesus told Peter he would find a coin in the fish's mouth.Spaghetti & Fruit
Tuesday Whale CookiesJonah was inside a whale for three days and three nightsTuna Salad Sandwiches & Carrot Sticks
Wednesday Fish SticksJesus ate a piece of cooked fish to show his disciples that he was really there.Applesauce & Homemade Cookies
Thursday gummy fishWhen their net was full of fish, the disciples knew that it was Jesus, and that they should listen to him.Hot Dogs & Cucumber Slices
Friday cloud parfaitsWhen Jesus ascended, a cloud hid him from the disciples' sight. Before leaving, he told them to be his witnesses.Tater Tots & Cheese Chunks
Following the Footsteps Snacks Monday Grapes & PretzelsThe men who explored the land brought back an enormous cluster of grapes, evidence of the bounty of the land. The cluster was so large that they draped it across a pole (represented by the pretzel rod) so two men could carry it.Cookies
Tuesday Kool-AidKool-Aid packets come with instructions on the back. If you read the instructions but don't follow them, you don't get good Kool-Aid. The Bible also has instructions in it, and we need to follow them, like the people of Israel when Ezra read the Bible to them.Spaghetti, Garlic Bread, & Pudding
Wednesday Gummy Snakes on SticksGod told Moses to display a snake on a stick in the middle of the camp, so that people could look to it and be saved, – just like we today look to Jesus for our salvation.Hot Dogs & Carrot Sticks
Thursday Baby Shower CookiesPeople have baby showers to celebrate when they have a baby. Hannah had been wanting a baby for a long time; when she prayed, God gave her a son, Samuel.French Fries & Cheese Slices
Friday Homemade Bread & JamEpaphroditus brought Paul food (among other things) from the church, to help Paul while he was in Prison for telling people about Jesus. Epaphroditus served God by helping Paul. The Shunnamite also helped Elisha by feeding him, because he was a man of God. Homemade bread is a kind of food they might have had and might have given them.Fruit & Ice Cream
Running the Race Snacks Monday animal crackersanimals go with the preschool lesson on creation
Tuesday lion cookieslion is a reminder that God cared for Daniel
Wednesday cupcakes and scrollscupcake does not correlate, but scrolls go with the Josiah lesson
Thursday chocolate coins and fruit saladthe coins are a reminder of the rich young man; fruit does not correlate
Friday crown-shaped cookiesthe crown goes with the elementary Bible lesson and the preschool shapes lesson
Back to the Beginning Snacks Monday animal crackersGod created animals
Tuesday fruit saladAdam and Eve were permitted to eat any fruit in the garden, except from the tree of knowledge
Wednesday animal-shaped cutout cookiesanimals go with the lesson on Noah's ark
Thursday star-shaped cheeseAbraham was told his offspring would be as numerous as the stars
Friday cupcakesdoes not correlate**

* Needs some work (such as improved instructions, etc).
** Does not correlate with any of the lessons and could be replaced if someone comes up with something that does.

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