Paint By Shape

Tuesday: Paint By Shape
Preschool Lesson: Adam and Eve Sin
Age Groups:
  • preschool
Supplies Needed:
  • Paint
  • Brushes
  • Cleaning supplies
Find a simple coloring picture for the day's lesson, perhaps something with the snake talking to Eve. Create a key associating each color of paint with a shape: circle, triangle, square, star, etc. Mark each region of the picture with a shape indicating which color it should be painted. Photocopy. Use crayon or marker to go over the colors on the answer key, in case some of the preschool children cannot read all the color names.
This craft is just like paint by number except there are shapes instead of numbers. Have the children paint in the picture of Adam and Eve with a snake in the tree, using the colors indicated by the shapes.
Lesson Tie-In:
The picture they are painting is a scene from the Bible lesson.

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