Soap Molding

Materials Needed:
  • bulk soap
  • molds (1-2 per teen)
  • soap coloring
  • fragrances
  • items to embed (optional, and only if the soap is translucent)
  • toothpicks (for stirring)
  • thermometer that goes past 150F
Have the soap melted ahead of time in a crock pot (preferably with a removable liner). Heat to around 145F. (If it's more than 150F you cannot pour it into the molds.)
Each teen can select a mold. (Have groups of teens sit together that are using adjascent molds.) Then have them select color and/or fragrance as desired.
Let one teen at a time pour or ladle soap into the mold (assisting as necessary) so that it is nearly, but not quite entirely, full, leaving just a little room for stirring. Fragrance, if used, should be added about 6-10 drops, and stir with a toothpick. Add color (if desired) one drop at a time, stirring with a toothpick after each drop, until the desired shade is reached. Colors can be combined.
Soap will take an hour or so to cool before it can be removed from the mold.

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