Baa, baa, baa!

Wednesday: Baa, baa, baa!
Story: Saul and the Sheep
Objective: God wants us to obey him.
One way we can obey God is to tell the truth.
Main Passage: 1 Samuel 15:1-23
Other Passages: Ephesians 4:25
The Bible tells us that when Saul was King of Israel, there was a group of people called the Amalekites. They were very bad. They were so bad that God told King Saul to take his army and get rid of them God even told Saul to get rid of all their sheep.
So Saul took a big army and got rid of the bad Amalekites. But King Saul did not completely obey God. He let his soldiers keep some of the best sheep. God's man, the prophet Samuel, came to see King Saul. Saul proudly told him, I did what God said to do!
Was that true? (no). But Samuel heard the sheep. BAAA..BAAA, BAA. And Samuel said to Saul, If you obeyed God, then what is this BAA, BAA, BAA that I hear? (hesitate). Uh, oh. Saul got caught telling a lie, didn't he. He tried to make excuses, like blaming it on the soldiers. But God and Samuel were not fooled. God was upset that King Saul disobeyed and lied. So God chose a new king. David, the shepherd, got to be the next king of Israel. God wants us to obey completely. And God wants us to always tell the truth.

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