Peat Pot Tomb Scene

Thursday: Peat Pot Tomb Scene
Bible Lesson: Fish in the Net: Jesus rose from the dead.
Age Groups:
  • preschool
Supplies Needed:
  • peat pots
  • cardboard
  • construction paper
  • dirt or sand
  • white cloth
Cut peat pots in half vertically; each child uses half of one for the tomb. The open side gets glued to a square of cardboard, which serves as the ground (it can be colored green if desired, or a layer of green construction paper can be glued on first, representing grass), and the open semicircular top of the peat pot forms the open door of the tomb.
A smaller piece of cardboard, cut to a roughly circular shape, brushed with glue, and dipped in sand or dirt to give it a texture, is mounted beside the tomb, representing the stone door that has been rolled away. A small piece of folded white cloth can be put inside the tomb to represent the empty burial cloths.
While doing all this, discuss with the children that the tomb is empty because Jesus isn't there anymore: he rose from the dead.

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