Missions Discussion Questions for Teens, 2007

Monday: Beautiful Feet
Question: Why is missions important?
Fields: Abong Mbang, Cameroon and Baktala, Cameroon
Missionaries: Roger Yoda, Russ Simpson, Valerie ???
People need to hear the good news of Jesus.
God asks us to do missions.
Bible Passages: Matthew 9:35-38, 28:18-20, Acts 1:7-11, Romans 10:6-17
  1. Roger Yoda is a free man. Why does he go into the prison?
  2. How did Pastor Valerie hear about Jesus?
  3. Why would Pastor Valerie want to leave his home town of Baktala, and the church he has started there, and go to the city of Bertoua?
  4. If Pastor Valerie leaves the church he started in his home village of Baktala and goes to the city of Bertoua, who will lead the church in Baktala? What can be done about this?
  5. Who will lead our church after Pastor Simpson retires? What about other churches in the United States?
  6. All of the churches will eventually need new pastors. The population in the United States is growing. Are the workers growing too? What are we doing to help prepare?

Tuesday: Credited to Your Account
Question: Why is missions important?
Field: Cameroon
Missionaries: Pastor Russ Simpson, Paul Chema, Bill & Adele Crabbs
Missions is valuable for the sending church.
Bible Passages: Philippians 4:10-20
  1. How did God use Paul Chema? What good came from his willingness to go to Africa?
  2. What is a seminary? What is its purpose? Why is that important?
  3. How did God grow the faith of the Galion church?
  4. Why is it important to have faith? Why is it valuable to participate in things that help our faith to grow?
  5. What would you be willing to do for God, so that he can grow your faith?

Wednesday: The Power of God
What is it important for missionaries to do?
What is it important for missionaries to teach?
Field: Uberlandia, Brazil
Missionaries: Project Timothy
It is more important to teach the good news of Jesus than anything else (e.g., cultural norms).
It is more important to start churches than to do physical works.
Bible Passages: 1st Corinthians 1:17 - 2:2
  1. What city in Brazil is the church in that is training men to be pastors? What neighborhood?
  2. Name one man in Brazil who is doing missions work. What country is he from?
  3. Why did Magno request financial support for his work with the Bible clubs?
  4. What makes the work in Uberlandia one that it is good for us to support?
  5. What scripture passage can you think of that tells us that the most important thing to do is to preach Jesus?
  6. When our men train to be pastors, they take a variety of courses, but what is the focus of their training? What makes these men different from other men who go to church and study their Bibles? What makes them different from other men who take courses (e.g., at college) and study various subjects?

Thursday: God Chose the Weak
Question: For whom is missions important?
Field: Port Harcourt, Nigeria
Missionaries: Samuel Ngum
Sending missionaries is important for all Bible-believing churches, of all ages, in all countries.
Bible Passages: 1st Corinthians 1:18-29, 3:7
  1. Where does Samuel Ngum want to start a church?
  2. Samuel and Ernestine have already been there once. Why do they want to go back?
  3. Keyon is a small, poor church in rural sub-Saharan Africa. Why would they feel that they should raise money to send missionaries somewhere else, when they have so little themselves?
  4. The Galion Grace Brethren Church is not very large. What impact does this have on our missions? Why?
  5. There are other denominations in Africa, as well. If there are other churches, why do we need to start churches?
  6. What qualifications does Samuel Ngum have to have before he can go as a missionary?
  7. 1.What are you doing for missions?

Friday: Where the People Are
Question: Where is it important for missionaries to go?
Field: Vermont
Missionaries: Ethan & Leah Kallberg
We should send missionaries wherever there are people who need to hear the good news of Jesus.
Bible Passages: [Needed]
  1. Why did the Alexanders want to move to Vermont?
  2. What was the problem the Alexanders thought they would face, moving to Vermont?
  3. Why did Ethan Kallberg feel a burden for Vermont? What made him choose to go there, instead of somewhere else?
  4. Why would there be churches that do not teach the good news of Jesus? Where do such churches come from? Do they start out that way?
  5. How can we protect our churches so that they do not fall away from teaching the whole Bible?
  6. What could you do for missions?

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