Materials Needed:
  • bookmark pattern (photocopy)
  • white cardstock (teens only)
  • permanent markers (teens only)
  • hole punchers (several to pass around)
  • clear Contact paper
  • yarn (any color, or a selection)
Each child gets a photocopied two-sided bookmark. (For elementary, the two sides are side-by-side on the same physical side of the paper, and the bookmark folds lengthwise after being colored. For teens, photocopy double-sided onto cardstock. The pattern has the fronts of two bookmarks on the left and the backs of two bookmarks on the right.)
They color these with colored pencils or crayons (elementary) or permanent markers (teens), fold (if applicable), and laminate them with clear Contact paper. A hole is punched near one end, and a piece of yarn is looped through to make a simple tassle (by pulling the middle of the yarn through the hole, then pulling the ends of the yarn through the yarn loop). Teens may braid a more elaborate tassle.

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