Prayer Can

Thursday: Prayer Can
Elementary Lesson: Hannah's Prayer: When we have problems, we should pray to God.
Memory Verse: from James 5:16
Preschool Lesson: TBA
Age Groups:
  • elementary
  • preschool
  • teens
Supplies Needed:
  • plastic frozen juice cans (or Crystal Light cans, or any other plastic cans)
  • paper, with the word Pray in big bubble letters photocopied on it, the appropriate height from the bottom of the paper, so that it will be centered vertically on the can. The length of the paper should also be trimmed if necessary so that it doesn't wrap too far around and cover up the word.
  • ribbon, glitter, etc.
First, let them color the word "prayer" and, if there's time, the background of the paper.
Next, spread glue on the outside of the can, or roll the can in glue, stand it upright, and wrap the paper around the can, with the bottom edge of the paper against the table. Spread the paper as smoothly as possible, limiting wrinkles to a minimum.
Finally, if there is time, they can glue ribbon around the top and bottom edges, add glitter, or decorate the can in some additional manner.

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