The Shepherd Knows His Sheep

Thursday: The Shepherd Knows His Sheep
Objective: God Loves Me
Prop: either a horn of oil (empty) or a picture of one
Bible Passages: Psalm 23, Psalm 71, Psalm 139, Jeremiah 1:5, Galatians 1:15
Introduction: Little Lamb
Boys and girls, (show puppet). This is Little Lamb. He's been coming to Bible School every night with us. He's helping us learn more about sheep. He doesn't talk out loud, but sometimes he whispers to me, and I'll tell you what he says, OK?

Story: The Shepherd's Care
Well, Little Lamb, what's this? (He whispers). A horn of oil? What's it for? (He whispers again.). Oh, it has oil in it that is like medicine. So if you get a cut or scratch your shepherd puts in on the hurt and it feels better? (nods yes). I think your shepherd does a lot for you. He helps you find water and grass. If there's not enough, he leads you to a new place where there is more. He keeps you safe, and helps you when you get hurt. (Nods yes).

You know, Little Lamb, I can tell that your shepherd loves you a lot. He even knows each one of you by name, doesn't he. (nods yes).

Application: The Good Shepherd
Did you know that the Bible says that God knows each one of us by name too? He does. It even says he knows our name and all about us before we are even born. Yes, God loves each one of us very, very much. Little Lamb, do you love your shepherd? (Nods yes vigorously). Good.

Boys and girls, since God loves us so much, we should love him too, shouldn't we. (yes).

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