Moses and the Rock Shadow Box

Materials Needed:
  • boxes (one per child)
  • sand
  • small rocks (at least one per child, preferably more)
  • Moses (photocopied) [Pattern Needed]
  • blue paint or paper
  • (optional) additional desert scenery items
Each child will make a scene in a shoebox, depicting Moses in the desert striking the rock.
Turn the box on its side, so that the open side is the front.
Moses will be photocopied onto paper, and they can color him, cut him out, fold the base, and glue him into the box. The top part of him may need to be glued against the back of the box to keep him from flopping over.
The bottom of the scene (one side of the box) can be lined with sand (glued in) to represent the desert. For the sky, the back side of the box can be lined with blue paper, or painted blue. The rock should be glued to the ground where Moses' staff can just about reach it.

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