God Loves Us

Friday: God Loves Us
Story: The 99 and the 1 lost sheep
Objective: God loves each one of us.
Main Passage: Luke 15:3-7
Other Passages:
Jesus told a story about sheep. Would you like to hear it? Jesus said that a shepherd had 100 sheep. One day he noticed that one sheep was missing. That means he still had 99. That's a lot. So, do you think he just said, Oh well, i still have a lot. No. He didn't say that. He left the 99 sheep and went out and looked and looked until he found the lost sheep. He was so happy when he found the lost sheep. He picked it up, put in on his shoulder, and happily carried it home. When he got home, he told his friends and neighbors, Be happy with me! I found my lost sheep! The shepherd loves every one of his sheep, doesn't he. Jesus loves every one of us too.

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