Colored Sand in a Bottle

Friday: Colored Sand in a Bottle
Bible Lesson: The Finish Line: Heaven (John on Patmos)
Memory Verse: 2nd Timothy 4:7-8
Age Groups:
  • elementary
  • preschool
  • teens
Supplies Needed:
  • small (clear) glass containers with lids or corks
  • colored sand
You can actually dye sand, but the colors come out fairly muted in my experience. Brighter colors can be achieved by rubbing colored chalk into the sand so that chalk dust mixes with the grains. You can also use salt instead of sand.
Give each teen one glass container (skinny jar, cork-lidded vase, etc). Allow them to pour in different colors of the colored sand, in layers, to make a design. Tilting the container when inserting some of the layers may result in a more interesting design. When the design is complete, fill the remainder of the container with plain sand and attach the lid.

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