Following the Footsteps

Following the Footsteps

We wanted to include Old Testament saints in our Bible School, and it seemed obvious we would want to talk about following their example. That sounded hard to decorate for until we realised we could use footprints. The lessons cover trusting and obeying God, studying and obeying his word, salvation, prayer, and Christian service.
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Elementary Preschool Teens
Monday Skit #1
Bible Lesson:Two Obedient Men (Caleb & Joshua) Bible Lesson:Caleb & Joshua Obey Bible Lesson:Two Obedient Men
Memory Verse:1st John 2:5 (Footsteps Game) Zeke Lesson:Redeeming a Dog Discussion:6 questions
Missions:Missionaries Trust God Missions:
Game:Wet Sponge Dodgeball Game:Floating Stuff Game:Wet Sponge Dodgeball
Craft (all ages): Footprint Placemat
Snack (all ages): Grape Clusters & Pretzel Rods (updated 2016)
Tuesday Skit #2
Bible Lesson:Do What It Says: Ezra & Nehemiah and the Feast of Booths Bible Lesson:Ezra Reads the Bible Bible Lesson:Do What It Says
Memory Verse:James 1:22 Zeke Lesson:The Misbehaving Doggy Discussion:6 questions
Missions:Missionaries and the Bible Missions:
Game:Soak the Paper Game:Through the Hoop Game:Soak the Paper
Craft (all ages): Sukkot Shelters
Snack (all ages): Kool-Aid: Instructions on the Packet (2016)
Wednesday Skit #3
Bible Lesson:Look and Live (The Bronze Snake and the Son of Man) Bible Lesson:Snakes in the Desert: Trusting God Bible Lesson:Look and Live
Memory Verse:John 3:14-15 Zeke Lesson:Doggies Don't Like Baffs Discussion:7 questions
Missions:Missionaries Share the Good News Missions:
Game:Crabwalking in the Footsteps Game:Crawling in the Footsteps Game:Crabwalking in the Footsteps
Craft:Cross Necklace Craft:Foam Cross Necklace Craft:Cross Necklace
Snack (all ages): Gummi Snakes on Sticks (updated 2016)
Thursday Skit #4
Bible Lesson:Hannah's Prayer Bible Lesson:Hannah Prays Bible Lesson:Hannah's Prayer
Memory Verse:from James 5:16 Zeke Lesson:Unconditional Love Discussion:6 questions
Missions:Missionaries and Prayer Missions:
Game:Pile-Up Game:Pass the Sheep Game:Pile-Up
Craft (all ages): Prayer Can
Snack (all ages): Baby Shower Cookies (2016)
Friday Skit #5
Bible Lesson:Footsteps of Service (Epaphroditus and the Shunemmite) Bible Lesson:Elisha and the Shunemmite** Bible Lesson:Footsteps of Service
Memory Verse:Philippians 2:4 Zeke Lesson:Associating with a Skunk Discussion:6 questions
Missions:Missionaries and Service Missions:
Game:Footsteps of Service Game Game:Gather & Sort Game:Footsteps of Service Game
Craft:Gift Baskets Craft:Gift Cards Craft:Gift Baskets
Snack (all ages): Homemade Bread & Jam (updated 2016)
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Jessica said...

You guys are AWESOME! Thank you so much. We have a very small church and funds have been very low and we were not sure how we where going to afford a VBS program this year. God answered our prayers and directed us to your blog. The material is easy, Bible oriented and fun.

Thank you so much! May God continue to bless you.
First Congregational Church, Wisconsin

Nzula said...

Thanks guys very much for making this material available for us to use for free. We have just finished using it and the children and teachers really had alot of fun. As Jessica said they are easy, bible oriented and fun.

May God richly bless you
GPT Nairobi, Kenya