Decoration Plans for God's Sheep

Note: See SVG Documents.

We have plans for three bulletin boards (elmentary, preschool, and teen): bulletin-board-planning.svg and comic-strips-for-teen-bb.svg
On the walls, there should be several scenes with a flock of sheep. (There can be big sheep, little sheep, ewes, rams, lambs, white sheep, black sheep, black-faced white sheep, speckled sheep, ...)
  • One of these scenes can feature a roaring lion in opposition to the flock.
  • One scene should depict a wolf disguised in sheep's clothing, Wolf_in_Sheep_s_Clothing.svg.
  • One scene should show a shepherd leading the sheep.
  • In the preschool room there can just be sheep all over the walls.

Artwork for some of these scenes is still needed.

We're thinking in terms of a three-panel display of the Isaac and the Ram story. The first panel can show them going up the mountain; the second panel can depict Abraham tying the boy to the altar, and the third panel should probably show the ram in the thicket.

Artwork for this display is still needed.

For the stage, build sheep-fold walls out of cardboard, with a little wadded newspaper and paper-mache for shape and texture, painted to look like stone wall. Lawn sheep, if available, can be placed within the fold. A door should be left in one place, making the fold enterable (although the wall does not need to be very tall, in any case).
We could put mobiles on the ceilings, but what would we hang from them? Yet more sheep? We may skip the ceilings this year.
We could hang sheep from the ceiling in the preschool room.
We didn't talk about what to do for the stairs, but more sheep on the walls seems like an obvious option...

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