Oven Mitt Relay

Monday: Oven Mitt Relay
Bible Lesson: The Fish with the Coin: Jesus is God. Elementary, Teen
Memory Verse: Matthew 16:16
Age Groups:
  • elementary
  • teens
Equipment Needed:
  • two oven mitts
  • assorted pairs of essentially-identical objects
  • two buckets for the objects
  • fish-shaped sponges
  • bucket or small pool for the fish
  • one coin
Divide the group into two equal teams. Each team receives one oven mitt and a bucket of assorted objects. Stand each team in line single-file.
The objects may only be touched using the oven mitt. Team members must pass the mitt (and the object with it) from person to person down the line. Hands must go inside the mitt (no using it as a potholder). The next team member puts his hand into the mitt and thus takes the object so that the previous person can remove his hand from the mitt without dropping the object.
Any object that is dropped must return to the bucket at the beginning of the line; the team may either start that object over or try another object.
Each object that reaches the end of the line earns the team a choice of one fish from the fish bucket (or pool). The player at the end of the line runs the earned fish, the object, and the mitt back to the beginning of the line, selects a new object from the bucket, and starts the mitt and the object on their journey down the line by passing them to the person who was at the head of the line before.
One of the fish contains a hidden coin in its mouth. The team that earns he fish with the coin wins the game. (No peeking for coins until the game is over.)
Teen Variation:
The assortment of objects for the teens should be more difficult than for the younger grades. Possibilities include firm, round objects; small objects, like marbles or coins; smooth objects; light objects, like inflatable toys or balloons; heavy objects, like small barbells; large, awkward objects, like plastic punch bowls; or thin objects, like papers or overhead transparencies.

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