Hula Net Race

Thursday: Net Race
Elementary Bible Lesson: Following God (Fishing All Night)
Memory Verse: 2nd John 1:6
Preschool Bible Lesson: Fish in the Net: Jesus rose from the dead.
Age Groups:
  • elementary
  • preschool
  • teens
Equipment Needed:
  • hula hoops
  • boat
  • camera
  • stopwatch
Set up the boat at one end of the playing area ahead of time. Divide the group into teams of 4-5 participants (fish). Each team receives one hula hoop, which you call a net. Each team starts spaced out across the lake (i.e., the yard); the fish farthest from the boat has the net. When each team (and the stopwatch) is started, the fish with the net must get inside it (i.e., hold the hoop around himself at waist level) and travel across the lake, collecting the other fish from his team, each of whom in turn must get into the net with him. Together in the net, they must all travel the rest of the way across the lake to the boat.
Upon reaching the boat, each fish must touch the boat before they can get out of the net. Then they must all get into the boat together and have their picture taken together in the boat (by the game leader with the camera). Then they all get out of the boat and back into the net and must travel back across the lake to the starting line. The leader with the stopwatch will tell them their time; the team with the fastest time wins. If you have more than one stopwatch, you can run multiple teams at the same time, as long as they're staggered so they don't need the boat at the same time.
For preschool you may want to send a helper with each group.

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